Saturday, December 26, 2009

Perimeter Patrol

HuMom took us to the dog park.

Cache led us on an inspection of the perimeter.

We found it to be secure (unfortunately).

Respectfully submitted,
Girlz (and Cache)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fall and fingerprints

So HuMom and HuDad took us to the mountains again, hoping for some signs of snow for our romping pleasure. Well, they found some snow, such that it was.

As you can see, we are snow grazing.

Sasha is really diggin' in!

But truth be told, it really mostly looked like this:

And what is especially interesting is how HuMom made Sasha look angelic-like with a glow!

Even Cache got in on this "glorification."

But before you go jumping to some crazed, paranormal conclusion about whether or not Cache has some poltergeist on his back, please know that HuMom's big fat thumb print was found right smack in the middle of her camera lens, which lends itself to making it look like we are canine reborn! Heheee!

Pet adoption awareness: Final Weeks!

I'm sure you are allow aware that Pet Adoption awareness is a BIG deal around our pack. Every singly member of our pack, both canine and feline have been adopted from either the area shelter, or dog/cat rescue organization. Cache is our most recent addition to our pack, having started out with us as a foster.

Poor HuMom, a miserable failure at fostering, after having adopted two (Sasha and Cache) of her foster dogs!

We proudly announce our support for this cause:

We are especially supportive of our own NorSled Rescue:

And YES they still have 2010 Calendars (click here to check them out) available of all the fluffy pups they rescued over the past year. Get them while you can!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm just lookin'

If you look closely enough, you will see that the only thing that stands between the vicious husk-a-kitty (Mitsy) and poor Cache is a flimsy screen door.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We have a new packee

Sasha here, recovering from yet another blogging famine. HuMom has really been quite lazy. You'd think getting furloughed for some of her time from her job would make her much more available, especially since HuDad was laid off too. Apparently not. However, we do have some really great news to share!

We have a new pack mate. HuMom wore the HuDad down with her pathetic pouting and convinced him to allow Cache to stay as a permanent member of our pack! So Cache is no longer our foster bro-boy, but our full-fledged packmate-man. Woooo-woooos! I'm especially happy since I will continue to show my dominance over him at every turn. Especially while Shasta is thumping on him. He's so much fun to torture! Cache is really the only other pup I have found to be worthy of such ongoing attention.

Against every protest I could muster, HuMom has posted a picture of me playing with Cache. Well, I actually had to scratch my back and then HuMom snapped this XXX-rated photo of me. Cache seems to be a bit confused. Normally HE'S the one flopped on the ground.

PARENTAL WARNING: If you have any young pups in the room with you, please have them overt their eyes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let me show you....

 it's done.

And I said,

"stay down."

Thumping on Cache one day at a time.

Tail wags and hippity hops,
Shasta (and Cache)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HuMom, the Recliner

Now all I need is a TV and the remote.

Tail wags and hippity hops,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Setting it right

We've been getting a little grief about our comments affiliating Cache as gay. HuMom seems to be most distressed due to something about "freedom of speech." I don't know what she's getting all upset about. Sasha freely speaks her mind whenever she wants....of course then the HuDad comes out and puts her in the garage.....hmmm maybe our civil rights are being thwarted!

Anywooo, I digress, HuMom is very concerned that we will all be erroneously labeled as "homophobes" (whatever the woof that is) and wants everyperson (-pup -kitty -animule) to know that we are NOT homophobic. We aren't packaphobic. We aren't phobic at all. We of course accept, love and tolerate Cache and support his decision to lead the life style as he chooses. Cache is a class act and I (Shasta) love him so much, I find the need to husky slam him at every opportunity. And in turn, he does not condemn us for being us - but just he gets up and daintily wipes off the slobber I left on his neck, all over HuMom. All told, we are quite the happy pack.

Tail wags and hippity hops,

ps: Cache is still up for adoption...anyone? :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

He's gone, but now she's here.

Helloooo to you, Shasta here. HuMom has decided that our humble establishment is an In/Out drive-thru. Bernie was here when it was dark and we ate, then when it was light, and we ate. Then it was dark again (and we ate again), then it was light (again). Only this time he wasn't around when we ate. Which was good because then we didn't have to put up with his non-stop attention towards Sasha and he didn't growl at the others. Sasha also of course had to alert the local neighborhood media that something was amiss. According to HuMom, she was especially and wooooo-fully obnoxious. I'm just saying....

Anywooo, Bernie went to his foster home (HuMom sprung him from the local jail) and now we have miss pixie Kanela. Another recently sprung pup. HuMom has to take her to the vet to get prodded and poked! I say better her than me! hehhehee.

So here's a picture of Kanela. And yes, HuMom refused to type anything further until I agreed to show the picture. Don't enjoy it too much, but maybe pass it around to people who might want to meet Kanela....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Newbie on Board

Ok, so we still have to put up with Cache. It's been unanimously decided that if dogs could be gay, Cache would be. We secretly call him "Rosebud." HuMom's friend thought that a lavender sash would compliment his personality too. When you look at him, can't you just hear the BeeGees in the background and visualize John Travolta! I mean, Really!

But, HuMom brought a new guy home. He's a big oaf! HuGirl named him "Bernie." Those humans, so predictable. Bernie cause he's part St. Bernard. HuMom says he's St. Malamute. We kind of think he's a Malanard! heheheheh. anyhoooo...HuMom insists on showing everypup his picture. In case you didn't recognize me, I'm laying down near him...

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Did someone say something about a picture?

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Helloo all, Shasta here. Sasha wanted me to tell you about HuMom's garden. Yes. She planted a garden this year. She does this every year. And every year, I've always managed to taste test the totatoes. HuMom says they are toMAtoes. But I don't think so. They look like little toes. Well, maybe the red ones are big toes. Anyhoo, I've always taste-tested them. Of course, I taste-test ALL of them, because you never know if you might get a bad one. I haven't found it yet, but I like to be thorough.

HuMom planted red big totatoes and little snacky yellow totatoes.

HuGirl called them her "idea" totatoes cuz they look like a lightbulb and she went up to HuMom and said "look Mom, I have an idea" (all while holding the yellow totatoe over her head --- hehehehee) Humans are sooo easily amused. But I digress.....

Well, this year, HuMom made this taste-test process a bit more difficult (as illustrated by the picture below):


Now I ask you. How am I to make sure the totatoes are ok to eat if I can't get to them to eat them? However, I was able to leave HuMom a little tell-tale that I was there:

A close up reveals the evidence more clearly:

Do I look like I had ANYTHING to do with that?

Phffbbbt. I didn't think so.

Indignantly yours,
Shasta (and the Girlz)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Playing Telephone via Husky Bell

Sasha told me to tell you....

I told you she was bossy!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chew Table

My huGirl, Rachel makes for a great table.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's a ball thing.

Heloooo there. Whitney here. I've done my perimeter check and have 3.5 minutes to quickly give a couple of notes to HuMom before I need to go make another perimeter check.

I know that you recently viewed my acrobatic flair captured by HuMom on film. Well, maybe not actually 'film'. Let's not get too bogged down in the details. But HuMom can't seem to resist making me pose in mid-air with my ball. Re-enforcing the idea that no, in fact, I do not go anywhere without my ball.

Please note that you will find I missing my upper right canine tooth (that's fang for those in Rio Linda). That's a whole different story. Suffice it to say, it had something to do with 12 gauge wire mesh and my mouth....

Thursday, June 18, 2009


We are wooo-wooooo excited about the fact that our HuMom, thanks to our fine literary skills, as well as just looking absolutely spectacular, especially in action. Whitney is so giddy with excitement, she can't choose between her ball or her flying squirrel toy. We WON AN AWARD!!! And of course, our HuMom wants all the credit. But thanks to us and our amazing talent in the communications.

We also need to tell you that it took HuMom FOR FREAKIN' EVER to get this award posted. For that we are so ashamed!

Please enjoy.
the Girlz (pissed at HuMom for being such a lazy arse.)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New Game....Find HuMom in the Fluff

So HuMom got the "rake" out again. Now I (Shasta) shouldn't really be complaining cuz HuMom doesn't need to brush me that much! I know, sounds odd coming from a SledDog, but most of my fluff comes off from my rump. And frankly, when she gets that rake out, I slam my butt on the ground so fast she doesn't have time to think about putting a comb to me. Sasha, on the other hand is QUEEN of fluff. HuMom is going to be posting the totaled tally of fluff soon. So anyhoo, HuMom sits down to give us a brushing and I don't think this is exactly what she had in mind. Did you note that I'm the only SMART one in the bunch. My fluffy butt is planted and she can't get to it! Ha!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Party Hat

Helloooooo all. Shasta here. We've been quite busy with all of the HuPeople coming and going for Creator's Victory Day -- that's what we call Easter in our community. So we're catching you up with some not-so-new news....

Cache showed up in the territory with this RIDICULOUS looking hat. Of course, he was quite proud of it, once he got used to it (he's such a dork!). But HuMom said he was nothing but a drama king at that Place. That he whined and screamed and no one was even touching him! Not to be crude about his circumstances, but he got himself into quite a spot with gnawing at his stitches. He did it very quietly though. Every time HuMom was around, he looked quite innocent. Then HuMom "checked" him....heheheh oh-boy -- she whisked him away to that Place so fast, he had no idea what was going on. Of course all Whitney knew was that the Cache was going for a ride and wanted to go too! Anyyyywooooo, off he went, and returned looking like this:


HuMom thought she would take Cache with her to this T-Party. Perhaps even make a sign out of it and shamelessly exploit poor Cache.

Well, Cache doesn't know anything about money, but I'm thinking he's feeling quite "taxed" right about now anywooo. Oh, puppy, we're all laughing about this one!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blowin' Coat -- FINALLY

Hello everybody. I just wanted to announce that I am now blowing my coat. HuMom said that the sun made it heat up to 80 degrees. I don't really know 80 degrees of what, but it was 80. She started brushing me and boy did that feel good. She must have known that I wasn't feeling the best because I didn't say much when she got home. I was just too hot to speak! Normally, when she gets home, I let then entire world know that I expect to be fed and at least get some attention my direction. So here I am, getting my first reeeeeaaally good brushing.

And this is what HuMom has to look forward to! (I had HuMom get picture archives from last year).

Well, I have a lot of work to do to try to beat this amount of fluff. Hey everypup, maybe we should have a fluff contest! Who has the best fluff pictures? I bet I do! Give a wooo-wooo or bark and let me know. I'll direct HuMom to prepare your pictures for our review. We will also have to decide what the winner gets as a prize. Maybe a year's supply of "livergreat!" I'll have to see if Meeshka can help with that.

Until next time,
Endless Wooooos

Monday, March 30, 2009


As promise, I have instructed HuMom to video tape my directives -- and this is an excellent demonstration. You will also get to observe obsessive Whitney with her stupid ball trick. I'd really love to go bury that ball somewhere where she'll never find it -- if anyone has any good suggestions, I'm all ears!

Also, just a word of warning, HuMom turned the camara while filming. As you can see, I was trying to tell her to turn in back the other way. But as usual, she wouldn't listen. Now you have to suffer through the video being on its side!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kitty Shreds

Mitsy here, reporting on some recent activity. While the Girlz were tending to poor Cache, who got neutered today, I was busy trying to help HuMom with her shredder. It's supposed to be a paper shredder, but I'm thinking it makes a great little hide-a-basket place! This is especially cool when I'm running from the foster pups. The Girlz are quite nice to me really. They just sniff at me a lot -- which isn't so bad if Whitney didn't have such a big, wet, nosey-nose! And yes, I did actually move the basket to get into it. Do you think the lazy HuMom would lift a finger to help? She was too busy finishing transcribing to the blog the several pages of woooo-notes from Sasha.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Blog - First Entry

Our first entry in our first blog ever! We've spent a lot of time thinking about what to have our HuMom write. Frankly, we haven't come up with anything worthy of our husky heritage. So we thought we'd introduce ourselves.

Sasha (9 years young)~

I am the director of traffic and all things that need to be directed. I usually stand off to the side and simply shout out my orders. Invariably, I must repeat myself. Usually cuz huMom didn't hear me right the first time. HuMom says I have an "inside" voice and and "outside" voice. My outside voice is one of my best features. I can shout my directives across the neighborhood! When my humans come home from being gone, they say, "let the woo-wooooooing commence." I will have my HuMom post a video of me in action so you can get the full effect! For now, this very quiet still shot will have to suffice:

Shasta (5 years old) ~

Self-proclaimed Number 1 of the pack. My role is to ensure that nobody else gets attention from my HuMom. While Sasha is all talk, I'm all action. I've been known to push and shove my way through to the front of the line to claim my rightful spot as sole attention-getter. As you can see, I insist on giving kisses to the hu-pups as well.

Here's me with the hu-Boypup.

And with the hu-Girlpup.

While I understand that the honorary husk-a-kitty is fragile, I have been known to try to move her aside as well. This is Mitsy. We really do love her, but sometimes HuMom says we play too rough with her. Such a wimp. Mitsy is a little more fragile ever since she had the "event" with a stray dog. We'll have to get HuMom to write that story for you sometime.

Whitney (5 years old) ~

I try to be like Shasta and Sasha, aloof and ornery (more so Sasha, than Shasta -- and DO NOT tell Sasha I said that!) But I'm a Shepherd and really I'm pretty happy doing exactly what I'm told. I'm the official guard dog and alarmist of the pack. If something is sneaking around, or I hear a noise in the night, I'm the first to sound off. I am also the official leader of husky choir. I lead our pack in singing with the Sirens. It's a momentous job, but I feel completely qualified.

Give me a ball and I'm your friend for life.

Together we work with NorSled Rescue ( and help our HuMom socialize foster dogs rescued from different really horrible places. Sometimes we have to dog-sit too. We will try to keep people up to speed with the goings on around here, but HuMom moves from one thing to the next so quickly. She doesn't have snackies with her, so It's very difficult to follow her. Here is our most recent foster bro:

Cache ~
I'm a young pup (maybe a year at the most) with BIG white pearly least that's what my foster-HuMom says. Foster HuMom says that she named me "Cache" because she found my 'sweetness' hidden beneath me being sick. When I first came in to rescue I was a mess. I was hacking up a lung (or two), and other stuff too, and I was really skinny. I mean, I like being a lean-machine, but I think I was a little too lean! Not to get too personal, but I guess they found worms in me! YUCK!

Well, I am the only boy in the crowd, (except Foster Hu-Man, who's not so keen on all the fluff we are leaving around) So, I'm hanging out with my foster sisters. I've got it made. FosterHuMom says I should "market" myself. Um... yeah. Whatever that means. I hope she's not expecting me to go sit up on some store shelf and see if anyone picks me up and reads my label! But I will say that if you might think having me in your home would be a great thing, then please email my FosterHuMom. Her information is You can also check out other rescued sled dogs by going to NorSled's website: Hope to hear from you soon!

the Girlz
(with Cache)