Monday, March 30, 2009


As promise, I have instructed HuMom to video tape my directives -- and this is an excellent demonstration. You will also get to observe obsessive Whitney with her stupid ball trick. I'd really love to go bury that ball somewhere where she'll never find it -- if anyone has any good suggestions, I'm all ears!

Also, just a word of warning, HuMom turned the camara while filming. As you can see, I was trying to tell her to turn in back the other way. But as usual, she wouldn't listen. Now you have to suffer through the video being on its side!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kitty Shreds

Mitsy here, reporting on some recent activity. While the Girlz were tending to poor Cache, who got neutered today, I was busy trying to help HuMom with her shredder. It's supposed to be a paper shredder, but I'm thinking it makes a great little hide-a-basket place! This is especially cool when I'm running from the foster pups. The Girlz are quite nice to me really. They just sniff at me a lot -- which isn't so bad if Whitney didn't have such a big, wet, nosey-nose! And yes, I did actually move the basket to get into it. Do you think the lazy HuMom would lift a finger to help? She was too busy finishing transcribing to the blog the several pages of woooo-notes from Sasha.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Blog - First Entry

Our first entry in our first blog ever! We've spent a lot of time thinking about what to have our HuMom write. Frankly, we haven't come up with anything worthy of our husky heritage. So we thought we'd introduce ourselves.

Sasha (9 years young)~

I am the director of traffic and all things that need to be directed. I usually stand off to the side and simply shout out my orders. Invariably, I must repeat myself. Usually cuz huMom didn't hear me right the first time. HuMom says I have an "inside" voice and and "outside" voice. My outside voice is one of my best features. I can shout my directives across the neighborhood! When my humans come home from being gone, they say, "let the woo-wooooooing commence." I will have my HuMom post a video of me in action so you can get the full effect! For now, this very quiet still shot will have to suffice:

Shasta (5 years old) ~

Self-proclaimed Number 1 of the pack. My role is to ensure that nobody else gets attention from my HuMom. While Sasha is all talk, I'm all action. I've been known to push and shove my way through to the front of the line to claim my rightful spot as sole attention-getter. As you can see, I insist on giving kisses to the hu-pups as well.

Here's me with the hu-Boypup.

And with the hu-Girlpup.

While I understand that the honorary husk-a-kitty is fragile, I have been known to try to move her aside as well. This is Mitsy. We really do love her, but sometimes HuMom says we play too rough with her. Such a wimp. Mitsy is a little more fragile ever since she had the "event" with a stray dog. We'll have to get HuMom to write that story for you sometime.

Whitney (5 years old) ~

I try to be like Shasta and Sasha, aloof and ornery (more so Sasha, than Shasta -- and DO NOT tell Sasha I said that!) But I'm a Shepherd and really I'm pretty happy doing exactly what I'm told. I'm the official guard dog and alarmist of the pack. If something is sneaking around, or I hear a noise in the night, I'm the first to sound off. I am also the official leader of husky choir. I lead our pack in singing with the Sirens. It's a momentous job, but I feel completely qualified.

Give me a ball and I'm your friend for life.

Together we work with NorSled Rescue ( and help our HuMom socialize foster dogs rescued from different really horrible places. Sometimes we have to dog-sit too. We will try to keep people up to speed with the goings on around here, but HuMom moves from one thing to the next so quickly. She doesn't have snackies with her, so It's very difficult to follow her. Here is our most recent foster bro:

Cache ~
I'm a young pup (maybe a year at the most) with BIG white pearly least that's what my foster-HuMom says. Foster HuMom says that she named me "Cache" because she found my 'sweetness' hidden beneath me being sick. When I first came in to rescue I was a mess. I was hacking up a lung (or two), and other stuff too, and I was really skinny. I mean, I like being a lean-machine, but I think I was a little too lean! Not to get too personal, but I guess they found worms in me! YUCK!

Well, I am the only boy in the crowd, (except Foster Hu-Man, who's not so keen on all the fluff we are leaving around) So, I'm hanging out with my foster sisters. I've got it made. FosterHuMom says I should "market" myself. Um... yeah. Whatever that means. I hope she's not expecting me to go sit up on some store shelf and see if anyone picks me up and reads my label! But I will say that if you might think having me in your home would be a great thing, then please email my FosterHuMom. Her information is You can also check out other rescued sled dogs by going to NorSled's website: Hope to hear from you soon!

the Girlz
(with Cache)