Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New Game....Find HuMom in the Fluff

So HuMom got the "rake" out again. Now I (Shasta) shouldn't really be complaining cuz HuMom doesn't need to brush me that much! I know, sounds odd coming from a SledDog, but most of my fluff comes off from my rump. And frankly, when she gets that rake out, I slam my butt on the ground so fast she doesn't have time to think about putting a comb to me. Sasha, on the other hand is QUEEN of fluff. HuMom is going to be posting the totaled tally of fluff soon. So anyhoo, HuMom sits down to give us a brushing and I don't think this is exactly what she had in mind. Did you note that I'm the only SMART one in the bunch. My fluffy butt is planted and she can't get to it! Ha!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Party Hat

Helloooooo all. Shasta here. We've been quite busy with all of the HuPeople coming and going for Creator's Victory Day -- that's what we call Easter in our community. So we're catching you up with some not-so-new news....

Cache showed up in the territory with this RIDICULOUS looking hat. Of course, he was quite proud of it, once he got used to it (he's such a dork!). But HuMom said he was nothing but a drama king at that Place. That he whined and screamed and no one was even touching him! Not to be crude about his circumstances, but he got himself into quite a spot with gnawing at his stitches. He did it very quietly though. Every time HuMom was around, he looked quite innocent. Then HuMom "checked" him....heheheh oh-boy -- she whisked him away to that Place so fast, he had no idea what was going on. Of course all Whitney knew was that the Cache was going for a ride and wanted to go too! Anyyyywooooo, off he went, and returned looking like this:


HuMom thought she would take Cache with her to this T-Party. Perhaps even make a sign out of it and shamelessly exploit poor Cache.

Well, Cache doesn't know anything about money, but I'm thinking he's feeling quite "taxed" right about now anywooo. Oh, puppy, we're all laughing about this one!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blowin' Coat -- FINALLY

Hello everybody. I just wanted to announce that I am now blowing my coat. HuMom said that the sun made it heat up to 80 degrees. I don't really know 80 degrees of what, but it was 80. She started brushing me and boy did that feel good. She must have known that I wasn't feeling the best because I didn't say much when she got home. I was just too hot to speak! Normally, when she gets home, I let then entire world know that I expect to be fed and at least get some attention my direction. So here I am, getting my first reeeeeaaally good brushing.

And this is what HuMom has to look forward to! (I had HuMom get picture archives from last year).

Well, I have a lot of work to do to try to beat this amount of fluff. Hey everypup, maybe we should have a fluff contest! Who has the best fluff pictures? I bet I do! Give a wooo-wooo or bark and let me know. I'll direct HuMom to prepare your pictures for our review. We will also have to decide what the winner gets as a prize. Maybe a year's supply of "livergreat!" I'll have to see if Meeshka can help with that.

Until next time,
Endless Wooooos