Friday, August 21, 2009

Setting it right

We've been getting a little grief about our comments affiliating Cache as gay. HuMom seems to be most distressed due to something about "freedom of speech." I don't know what she's getting all upset about. Sasha freely speaks her mind whenever she wants....of course then the HuDad comes out and puts her in the garage.....hmmm maybe our civil rights are being thwarted!

Anywooo, I digress, HuMom is very concerned that we will all be erroneously labeled as "homophobes" (whatever the woof that is) and wants everyperson (-pup -kitty -animule) to know that we are NOT homophobic. We aren't packaphobic. We aren't phobic at all. We of course accept, love and tolerate Cache and support his decision to lead the life style as he chooses. Cache is a class act and I (Shasta) love him so much, I find the need to husky slam him at every opportunity. And in turn, he does not condemn us for being us - but just he gets up and daintily wipes off the slobber I left on his neck, all over HuMom. All told, we are quite the happy pack.

Tail wags and hippity hops,

ps: Cache is still up for adoption...anyone? :)

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Princess Eva and Brice said...

I hear a lot of people say that Brice is too pretty to be a boy. So if I didn't see him flirt with the girls so much, I'd think that he may in the same category as Cache. Though the name Cache may lead to questions.

Princess Eva