Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fall and fingerprints

So HuMom and HuDad took us to the mountains again, hoping for some signs of snow for our romping pleasure. Well, they found some snow, such that it was.

As you can see, we are snow grazing.

Sasha is really diggin' in!

But truth be told, it really mostly looked like this:

And what is especially interesting is how HuMom made Sasha look angelic-like with a glow!

Even Cache got in on this "glorification."

But before you go jumping to some crazed, paranormal conclusion about whether or not Cache has some poltergeist on his back, please know that HuMom's big fat thumb print was found right smack in the middle of her camera lens, which lends itself to making it look like we are canine reborn! Heheee!

1 comment:

The Thundering Herd said...

Cache - excellent picture. We have found nose prints make great camera effects too.